Baloch footballer

“You aren’t a Baloch if you don’t play football.
That is who we really are.

Most people in Karachi think Lyari is only about violence and gang war. I’d like to send out a message that none of that defines the people here. We have always been known for our love of sports as well as our skill; from boxers to gymnasts and footballers- we are amongst the best this city has to offer. There is no comparison to the passion we feel, particularly for football.
If you walk around this street you will see flags of all the football playing nations. But, the first flag you see will be of Pakistan. You might wonder why there is a Pakistani flag there when we don’t even qualify. We put that there first because we want everyone to know we, as Pakistani’s, support football and it is our dream to rise in the game and qualify one day in the sport we love so dearly, with the boys from Lyari on that team.”

Text/Photo @khaula28 / @humansofkarachi

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