A famed axiom goes as “Man architects his own faith” however its judicious to some extent but somewhere beneath its illusions a twilight keeps on knocking the doors of basic instincts . Its one of the element that doesn’t leave the soul till its eternal journey. This element develops during first 12 years of ones life probably its how one is bought up , how his parents have raised his decorum to face the music of life . Somehow even if he manages to tackle the fate of life and becomes a leader or majesty of seven seas one can’t hide the basic instincts , one can’t polish that layer which is carved deep inside his soul that none can alter. An example of these instincts can be seen when food is announced in collective hunger scenario. His eyes reflects it all, like in marriages he can be seen groaning from a distance . In such gatherings he tries finding that individual to neutralize his acts . Here plays the genetic impulsiveness . The icing on the cake is when he can’t find that refugee, then he moans like a hungry animal . Sometimes he tries to out speak tranquil souls around him just to calm his fizzy instincts. pity !

By : M.Sher Afgan 5/7/2017 , 5:58am GOVT COLLEGE LAHORE

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