Head on with Mohammad Iqbal.

Born in 1931 – Saidpur “Our Hindu neighbors didn’t want to leave. We didn’t want them to leave but that’s the way of the world, they cried so much, I remember seeing them sitting on the trucks saying ‘we’ll come back. Keep our homes safe. We will come back home.’” “We had orchards and orchards of the best fruit here, plums, apricots, oranges, It was so beautiful, The Hindu families had many business, there was a store that sold sweetmeats and another that sold fabric. I remember. They were our neighbors. My sister, Fatima, who is now dead, her best friend was Shanti, a Hindu girl. When Fatima got married, Shanti’s family spent so much money on her wedding and we did the same for Shanti’s wedding. Shanti was strong like an ox, she could lift big sacks of wheat and we would be amazed!” That sense of harmony was forever lost, says Iqbal, with the news of partition.

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