Kinza’s narration

It was a fraught marriage from the start. Our opinions never matched but I could never openly disagree with my husband. He always had mood swings. He used to give me rude and aggressive comments in public, was a drug addict and what not. I was living with a man always disrespected and belittled me. I did not complain for a long time until he started being disrespectful to my parents. I am the kind who gains joy from the husband and family. It was his troubled past that poisoned our relationship. His divorced parents and his ex lover made him a religious fanatic. I was sick of being compared to the girls he thought were religious and accused me for not being religious enough. I am a practicing muslim and I have a connection with my Lord. I believe in serving your family with love and compassion. He was clearly not happy with me even though I tried to make it work.
When everything, all my tolerance and compromises failed, I filed the divorce in order to save myself from living with a man who humiliated me in every possible way.
After the divorce he got married and I regained my happiness as a student and completed my MBA. I wake everyday with my mind at peace because only a solid fence is not jail; the aggression, absence and ignorance of my spouse had the power which had put me behind bars. No woman deserves to go through an abusive relationship. No woman should sleep with a heart full of questions. I stood up for myself. If anyone is going through hard times, just believe that your prayers are being heard and God will make a way. Never let anyone question your relationship with Almighty because it’s between you and Him only.

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