This is Sadiq Garh Palace – a place where the Nawabs (royals) of Bahawalpur would come to relax away from the busy-ness of the capital. You enter through massive gates and drive around the entire property before reaching the entrance of the palace from where this picture was taken.

There are many groups of young boys and men loitering around the gardens and just hanging out. A local man holds the keys and we sweet talked him in Seraiki to get a tour of the inside.

He showed us around its almost 100 rooms, its gardens and its own mosque. He also told us about how infighting of the remaining family had left this place desolate. Most artifacts (supposedly they ate from plates made from silver) were stolen by people hired by various members of the family, and then those that were hired took a little souvenir of their own along the way. Now even the copper wires in the electrical wiring have been ripped out from within the walls. #everydaypakistan #everydayeverywhere

Text & Photo @rashna_

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